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More than photography, we create memories that last a lifetime

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Forget fleeting moments, breathe life into enduring stories. At Pratibimb Lab Photography, we’re Nashik’s passionate storytellers, weaving love and laughter into breathtaking wedding photographs. From the nervous anticipation to the joyful tears, we capture the essence of your dream Nashik wedding, leaving you with memories that shimmer & brighter.

Starts from ₹89999/ Session

Starts from ₹49999/ Session

Starts from ₹7000/ Session

Starts from ₹7000.00/ Session


Explore the World of Photography with Pratibimb Lab

Stay inspired and informed about the world of photography. From tips for capturing the perfect shot to stories behind our favorite photographs, our blog is a treasure trove for photography enthusiasts.

Remember, photography is more than just images; it’s about preserving emotions, telling stories, and creating lasting memories. At Pratibimblab Photography, we are committed to doing just that. Join us on this remarkable journey through the lens, and let’s create something beautiful together.

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Your Moments, Your Sanctuary We guard your moments with utmost discretion, ensuring they remain exclusively yours.

Friendly Staff

Capturing Smiles, Not Just Portraits We create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, where your genuine smiles take center stage.

Dedicated Team

Your Vision, Our Passion Your vision becomes our mission, as our passionate team commits to delivering extraordinary photography.

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Best Wedding Photographer In Nashik